Licensed Residential Locksmith In Roanoke

Need A Locksmith for your home or residential locksmith service?

Big Lick Locksmith is ready and capable of helping you with most all Residential locksmith and lock installation, repair, and lock change services in the Roanoke Area. Our locksmith technicians are licensed and trained with over 15 years of experience in the locksmith and security industry.

Attention: Real Estate Agents – Are you in need of a locksmith to help you or your new home buyers with locksmith related services or possibly property preservation services? We can help you with all your locksmith, lock changes, and lock repair needs. We work with many real estate agents, REO, and new home buyers. we have local references available also.

  • Lock Change Service
  • Locked Out? Lockout Service
  • Emergency Locksmith
  • Late Hours/weekends/Holidays
  • Lock Repair and Installation
  • Interior & Exterior Lock Work
  • Designer Locks Available
  • Keyless Home Entry Locks
  • Digital Locks
  • Home Fortification Consulting
  • Safety – Security




Car Lockouts in Roanoke by Licensed Locksmith

We unlock cars everyday in Roanoke VA and a lot of companies in the area or Roanoke, Vinton, Salem, Bent Mountain, Cave Spring, may offer the service of unlocking cars or provide lockout service as part of a roadside assistance service. One thing to consider is that most of these guys and gals that are no actually licensed locksmiths and in some cases can be untrained or using improper tools and techniques to unlock your car. Roanoke has about 4 main licensed locksmith services that have licensed and trained technicians and we are one of them. We are trained and licensed – and are able to unlock your car or home when you are locked out.

Phone: 540-583-1177
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Here are some services that our locksmiths offer:

  • Lockout service – Locked out of your car or home? We help!
  • Residential/Home Lock change services
  • Business Lock Change Service
  • Storefront Locksmith service
  • Lock Repair / Installation
  • Digital Keyless Lock Installation for homes and business
  • REO Services / Property Securing / Inspection / Clean-outs / Entry Repair

Phone: 540-583-1177
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Locked Out Of Your Car?

Roanoke – Salem – Vinton Locksmith Service Helps When You Are Locked out of your home or car. Locked your keys in your car?

Locksmith service unlocks cars or homes.


Try to pick your lock yourself if you are locked out of your home. Here is how to pick a home lock (Basic DIY Instructions)

The easiest way to pick a lock is to use the fast and dirty method: scrubbing.
  1. Insert Tension Wrench into the Bottom of Key Hole and Apply Slight Pressure. …
  2. Insert Pick at Top of Lock. …
  3. While Applying Slight Torque to Your Wrench, Scrub Your Pick Back and Forth in the Key Hole. …
  4. Repeat Until All the Pins Set.

Locksmith Service Area

Locations We Service In Roanoke VA and Common Places We Frequent to unlock cars and more. 

  • Valley View Mall Locksmith Service –

    We help many mall customers while shopping at Valley View mall or near Walmart at Valley View. A Locksmith is always close by the Mall area to assist you. The security at Valley View calls us weekly to help unlock cars near Valley View in NW Roanoke VA.


  • Tanglewood Mall Locksmith –

    We are in the area! Our private workshop is 1 mile away from Tanglewood Mall and a locksmith is always minutes away from the Tanglewood area and close to the hotels like Holiday Inn Tanglewood or Sleep Inn, Macados Restaurant, on Route 419 and down Franklin Rd, a locksmith is always close.

  • Towers Mall On Colonial Ave in Roanoke –

    -We go to Towers Mall daily for locksmith calls when people lock their keys in their car at Towers Mall we get to them within 5-10 minutes in most cases. It seems like we are always near Towers Mall – Many locksmith calls go down the lower level near Kroger Grocery Store and up top near CVS and Fresh Market. A locksmith will bet there fast in these Mall Parking lots.

  • Williamson Rd – NE Roanoke 24012 Area

    – Williamson Rd area gets many lock-out calls for cars and home lock-outs. Anytime you need a locksmith near Williamson Rd in Northeast (24012) we can get to ya quickly.

  • Near Walmart (Clearbrook, Bonsack, and Valley View)

    – At walmart and lock your keys in your car? Good news we are near Walmart in Roanoke and Clearbrook. Call us for help when you are at Walmart and need a locksmith to pop your door open for you.

  • Garden City / Roanoke City Locksmith in Southeast (SE)

    – A Garden City Locksmith is nearby for sure. 2 of our technicians live 2 miles from garden city and can help you if you are locked out of your house, apartment, car or truck.

  • Locksmith Downtown Roanoke and in Old SW Roanoke – 

    Downtown is a hotspot in Roanoke with shopping, Food, Entertainment, and more. BigLick is 5 Miles away from Downtown Roanoke at any given time and will get to your fast with lock-out services.


  • Salem VA Locksmith –

    We are sometimes close to salem and can come help you in Salem on Mainstreet and have locksmith service near Roanoke College in Salem VA 24153 – If you are deep in Salem near or past walmart it may take a few minutes before we can get out to that end of salem because it is a 25 Minute drive from Roanoke. Hickson Lock and Key Is Near West Salem Also and an help you.

  • Hotel/Motel locksmith in Roanoke and Salem –

    At a hotel or motel in Roanoke VA or Salem VA? We can help you get your keys out of a locked car when you are at a hotel in the region. Many hotels connect with us to offer discounts to their guests. Hotel owners/management are urged to contact us to become a partner!

  • City and Counties We Service Frequently –

    Roanoke County, Roanoke City, Garden City, Salem, Vinton, Bonsack, Botetourt, Mt Pleasant, Hidden Valley, SW Roanoke, NW Roanoke, SE Roanoke, NE Roanoke, Hollins VA, Troutville, Clearbrook, Boones Mill, and many more.


  • Zip Codes We Frequent 

    24012, 24153, 24015, 24014, 24179, 24011, 24013, 24018, 24017, 24016, and more.

Cheap Locksmith In Roanoke VA

If you are looking for a cheap locksmith in Roanoke VA…. I can offer you a fair priced locksmith service in Roanoke VA – By Calling 540-583-1177 24 hours a day 7 days a week and on holidays. We are priced fair and are in most cases cheaper than most other locksmith services in our area. Beware of the $15 locksmith scams advertised by nationwide toll free number and long-distance companies. They charge you over and over on your credit card and the $15 is just to talk to them ad then they charge you $100+ for a locksmith like us to come to you.

We offer lock services including: 

  • Car Lock-outs
  • Locked Keys in Car or Trunk
  • lock changes
  • Home/Residential/Business/Commercial
  • Storefront locksmith
  • Lock Repair
  • Roanoke VA Roadside Assistance



Is There A Fast Locksmith In Roanoke VA?

We get calls from people locked out of their home or car everyday. The first question they ask is how much is it? The second is usually long will it take you to get here? Many time a caller will ask how long it will take us to get there without even giving us an address, so we can’t possibly answer the question because we have no clue how far away they are (UMM??)… Ok… So after they tell us where they are we estimate a time and add 10 Minutes to it (this way we look fast if we misjudged the time). e use GPS guidance and usually “GPS” the time before we tell you how long. If you are 10 Miles away and our GPS says approx. 21 Minutes to arrive, we will tell you about 25-30 minutes. In some cases we might hit some slow lights, a fender bender, or other things a locksmith can not control.

We tell some lock-out callers (if we have a locksmith VERY close already) “we can Be There In 5-10 Minutes” – This means we are only a couple of miles away at the most.

I am surprised when someone calls at 5PM (during rush hour and bumper to bumper traffic) and they are 15 miles away and I tell them about 30 minutes they think this is a LONG time and that we should be able to get there faster. We do not have a teleportation device. I wish we did. We love fast and close jobs…. We want to get there and get your issue fixed FAST and get on with our other customers just as much as you want it!


30 Minutes is FAST for a locksmith in Rush-Hour! Also I see people say Urrrgggh! I might call you back and they wait 15 minutes and call back and say ok I need your help, it will be about 30 minutes right because I am late for something…. They waited and delayed it and I got another call ahead of them and I say actually it will be about 45 minutes now. They get mad! I explain.. While you were calling another locksmith services to try and get someone “faster” I got another lock call. During rush hour in an under serviced area where not many locksmith’s work… Take that 30 minutes and sit tight or you may miss the “Fast Response”.

We can not be 100% accurate on times given – We do not control all of the variables that dictate how long it will take… Sure I could tell you 12 Minutes and be 20 minutes late, BUT that is rude. Give us a chance to drive out to you….

Fast Locksmith In Roanoke VA

Are You Locked Out Of your Car or Home? Near Roanoke Virginia?

We are a locksmith service located in Roanoke VA. We provide fast lock out services, if you are locked out of your home or car – We can pick or pop that lock for you.


To be a locksmith in Roanoke VA you have to get a licence from the DCJS. Our technicians all have a license and have gone through all required courses and background checks. We have a lot of experience unlocking cars when you lock your keys in your car. We have never met a car we could not open up for a customer. If you are locked out of your home WE WILL FIND A WAY IN. Picking locks is an art form and skill that many locksmiths have… Some locks can not be picked so you may have to remove the lock and replace it. We pick 90% of the locks we encounter. Some brands are just not pickable like Medeco, Kwikset Smartkey locks,Many Baldwin Locks, other top security brands, and certain business locks.